Nokia 6730 Classic Review – Flagship Series Phone Continues

Nokia 6730 Classic Review: Released in 2009, the Nokia 6730 was another phone in the Nokia 6-series – perhaps one of the best ever. However, its star had long since waned with the advent of much bigger touchscreen mobile phones. The ‘classic’ tag seems to opine that that while the specification of the phone wasn’t up to latest standards, the look and build of the phone were blasts from the past.

Many phones had started to be released under this ‘classic’ tag across the various Nokia families. The Nokia 6700 Classic came out earlier in this year and actually was an improvement on the previous Nokia 6303. Perhaps the pinnacle of mainstream Nokia candybar phones, this had a host of top-range features such as GPS, 5MP camera and accelerometer.

The Nokia 6730 Classic was actually a slight downgrade of this overall in many ways, although there were some key improvements. The main one was cost. The metallic design of the Nokia 6700 was ditched and as a result the phone was much more lightweight. It also was much more friendly for music, adding a standard audio out jack. Initially debuting on Vodafone, it could also be bought SIM-free.

Full specifications here.

Sadly this was about the end for this family of phones. The benefits of touchscreen meant that the standard candybar phone could no longer justify a premium cost, and most of the remaining phones were pitched towards the budget end. At around this time Nokia also changed the naming conventions, replacing the family numbers with letters. Perhaps the next similar phone out was the Nokia C3-01 which was of similar higher spec and restored the metallic finish and added a touchscreen.

Nokia 6730 Classic Review Pros: 

  • The metallic covers were gotten rid of but the phone featured more or less the same look  – this gave way to a significant weight saving at 83g vs over 100g beforehand.
  • A new speedier 600Mhz processor was in this device. With the same Series 60 OS running, this made it much smoother to run and could process more complex web pages.
  • The phone still retained some high-end functions such as the assisted GPS and Nokia maps. This phone could also access Nokia’s Ovi store for extra apps. Helpfully a 2.5mm audio jack was now provided for headphones.
  • The phone also came with a slightly larger battery capacity over the Nokia 6700, giving it longer talk and standby times.

Nokia 6730 Classic Review Cons: 

  • Although the lack of metallic covers reduced weight, it also lost the ‘wow’ factor in the hand. There were only two colours available for this model – rather plain black and white.
  • The screen size and resolution was not improved over the Nokia 6700, although there was clear space to make it a little larger.
  • Camera was downgraded in this model and was now a 3.15MP, previously 5MP.
  • Ovi store offered a limited amount of apps, and particularly for this model with a smaller screen.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

In my view, the metallic models such as the 6700/6303 are more coveted than this. Nevertheless this is still a good example of a model where the Nokia candybar phones had pretty much reached their limit in terms of usage. They are still suitable as basic phones even today.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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