Samsung E1080i Review – Another Low Cost Budget Phone

Samsung E1080i Review: Released late in 2009, the Samsung E1080i was another budget release from Samsung. They were clearly wasting no time at all putting phones into the budget segment previously dominated by Nokia after ignoring it for so long. 2009 saw over 10 devices released into the ‘E’ family range. Virtually all of these were basic candybar models of mobile phones, and whilst some added some slightly more advanced features such as microSD card support, in the main they were very similar.

The E1080 itself was another one that followed the same lines, albeit towards the bottom of the range. It came out less than a year after its predecessor – the Samsung E1070. The letters after it raise hope that there may be some technological development, but alas – it is for regions only. Coming out at the same time as this phone was the Samsung E1085 – as the numbers would indicate this is a marginally better phone with a radio included.

And similarly, the improvements from the E1080 from the E1070 are equally as iterative. The materials are much the same although the E1080 gains a few more marks for ruggedness with a rubberised keypad and slightly rounder edges. The screen is just so slightly larger, and there is a flashlight and better battery life.

Full specifications here.

These E-series phones were all big sellers in number and demand was surprisingly good for these low-tech phones. The next phone to this was the E1081, released the next year. This saw virtually no improvement in the phone specifications, although the phone was much more efficient battery-wise and had longer standby and talk times.

Samsung E1080i Review Pros: 

  • The phone progressed on the design of the E1070, making it marginally slimmer and lighter in design. The keypad was of rubberised texture, making it more durable.
  • The screen size was also improved a tad, and it was 1.43 inches. This was barely noticeable but gave some extra space to the display icons.
  • In line with the Nokia 1-series, the phone also had a flashlight, no doubt of good use in the developing markets it targeted.
  • There was slightly extra battery capacity over the previous model, giving a longer talktime.

Samsung E1080i Review Cons:

  • The resolution of the screen remained the same at a very low 128 x 128 pixels, and there was scope to increase the screen size but perhaps saved for the more expensive models.
  • A very small 1MB was given for internal storage which meant limited amounts of messages, calls and contacts could be saved.
  • No GPRS or internet at all – something which would have been seen in older phones that have now dropped into the price range.
  • Entertainment value was lacking with just one game and no radio function.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

Like many phones of its type this phone is not likely to have depreciated very much, mainly because it was very cheap to start with. There is nothing remarkable looks-wise about the phone and the huge other numbers of E-series phones is likely to dilute its impact. That being said they are still useable as basic phones and thus may have some demand.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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