Samsung E1170 Review – Updated Basic Mobile Phone

Samsung E1170 Review: Released in 2010, the Samsung E1170 was a mere update of the basic model of phone made by Samsung to service the very lowest end of the market. A plethora of models was released in 2009: these were mainly the same with some cosmetic differences between them and in some cases, some minor specification changes. But most were candybar type models which were available very cheaply: the Samsung E1100, Samsung E1120 and Samsung E1070 ran along these lines, the E1310 was a flip model.

So we may say that this E1170 could be the update to the older Samsung E1070 model. This was at a time where the E-series itself was getting some upgrades – the Samsung E2370 was designated the first phone with the ‘XCover’ name – this was a slightly improved handset with a rubberised exterior, much in line with older phones such as the Nokia 5140.

The E1170 itself had no such advancements, although it was superior to the older E1070 whilst staying ultra-budget. The phone featured a larger screen, more on-board memory and a larger battery capacity.

Full specifications here.

The basic E-series phones were evolving, although at a slow pace with the touchscreen phones really dominating the releases. A Samsung E1182 was released in 2011, which changed the design slightly and cut down on the weight and size of the phone.

Samsung E1170 Review Pros: 

  • A larger screen was packed in to the phone without massively increasing size and weight. To be sure, this was still a small screen at 1.52 inch v 1.38, but this assisted with legibility.
  • Design was upgraded to be more in line with other Samsung releases of this year. There was a greater area around the d-pad which made it easier to control. A rubberised surface on the keypad gave it extra durability.
  • Extra internal space was given, and the phone held 16MB – large for a basic phone. As media was now becoming a bit more important even at the lowest levels, this allowed the phone to store more.
  • The phone came with a much larger 1000 mAH battery which gave it even longer standby and talk-time.

Samsung E1170 Review Cons:

  • The larger screen still had the same low resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, making it rather poor for graphics.
  • Expandability was nil despite the 16MB memory, no java applets were supported.
  • Unlike other Nokia base level phones there was no dedicated torch, simply the phone screen lighting up.
  • Entertainment was limited; just one game and no radio function. For the price, this was an acceptable compromise.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects

With the phone being extremely cheap and available in large numbers this limits how far this can appreciate in price. The phone still is in use nowadays for those who simply want a reliable basic phone at a low price, so there should always be an element of demand.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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