Samsung Galaxy Fame Review – Small Screen Mid-Range Phone

Samsung Galaxy Fame Review: Released in 2013, the Galaxy Fame came out at a time when Samsung were really leveraging the success of its flagship model. The main Galaxy S range was seen as the de facto challenger to the Apple iPhone and the only real drawback was the price. These were priced at the top end, reflecting their status in the range.

The Galaxy Fame was one of a number of offshoots which sought to keep the branding but offer a reduced price at a lower spec. The Galaxy Mini was one of the first, then followed by the Galaxy Ace in 2011. These phones were models in their own right and gained further successors while retaining their place below the flagship model.

The Fame debuted with other models, all of which were loosely modelled on the Galaxy S3 flagship. The Galaxy Young and Galaxy Express sandwiched this phone nicely. The Young had an even smaller screen size at 3.27 inches and was cheaper. The Express by contrast was almost but not quite a top-range model, having a 4.5 inch screen and being a scaled down version of the S3.

Full specifications here.

The Fame series died out shortly after, although curiously, this spin-off phone gained a spin-off. The Galaxy Fame Lite was released in October 2013 and was the same in size but further scaled down in specification. Rather it was the Galaxy Young that gained an upgrade and the Fame was most likely absorbed into the Galaxy Ace series of phones.

Samsung Galaxy Fame Review Pros:

  • This phone featured a compact, smart design. Unlike other budget models there was no real corners cut in the build quality and a 3.5 inch screen was pocket friendly.
  • There were some interesting variants available for this model – most notably the new NFC feature which was seen on top-range phones. This unlocked a new range of applications such as contactless payment.
  • Imaging was good for a mid-range phone – and the Fame had a 5MP camera with flash plus a front-facing camera for video calls.
  • Bluetooth was upgraded to 4.0 over the previous models, which allowed for better sound and power consumption.

Samsung Galaxy Fame Review Cons: 

  • Resolution of the screen was 320 x 480 pixels – this was not great for a mid-range handset and beaten by many competitors such as the older Galaxy Ace 2.
  • The smaller size of the screen and low resolution meant that some applications were not as well suited to the device. Neither was video, as the display was only 256K colours.
  • Only a single-core processor was included. This meant that the phone was noticeably more sluggish running the same things as other phones.
  • A smaller 1,300mAH battery was with the phone giving shorter standby and talktimes.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

The Fame is quite notable for being an Android handset with small screen size. Many of the other Samsung handsets like this were older and ran its proprietary software. With a premium look and feel, this should be of interest to collectors.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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