Motorola KRZR K1 Review – New Design Of Flip Mobile Phone

Motortola KRZR K1 Review: Released in 2006, the KRZR K1 continued the trend of Motorola releasing phones with unpronouneable names. Having already provided an innovative design in the flip market with the Motorola V3 (and its successor V3x), the novelty value of an extremely thin phone had disappeared, so one sensed that simply offering another phone in this vein would not be good enough.

So having reduced the thickness of the phone, we’ve gone in the other dimension. The KRZR K1 is a new type of narrower design, whilst still preserving some thinness. Whilst models such as the W375 were quite similar to this, the K1 went a step forward by releasing as a premium model, with an all-glass front and a satisfying construction.

Much like the original V3 phone, this phone emphasised style over actual spec; this phone was weaker than many other flagship models at the time. Indeed, it was worse specced than the Motorola V3x. One of the key constraints was the narrow profile of the phone, which made a slimmer screen unavoidable.

Full specifications here.

This phone was nevertheless a success, offering a markedly different look than other phones. As with the V3, a successor came out pretty quickly: the Motorola KRZR K3 came out the following year. This phone did not trouble the top of the market either, but rectified many of the weaknesses here, reinstating the front camera and offering a slightly larger screen.

Motorola KRZR K1 Review Pros:

  • Excellent construction of the phone; it had a visually appealing appearance and certainly was one of the more distinctive phones on the market.
  • The phone profile was changed so this was much narrower than the V3 series: this made the phone much easier to hold and to put into pockets.
  • Media was well supported on the phone, with the microSD card support retained.
  • Propreitary ports were gotten rid of, and Mini USB was used for both charging and also data, making it much easier to port data to and from the phone.

Motorola KRZR K1 Review Cons:

  • The excellent design hid a fragility: the front facing of the phone was a thin layer of glass prone to cracking if the phone was dropped. This part was not easy or cheap to replace. The rear velvet-style housing on the rear was prone to picking up dust.
  • Imaging on the phone was poor with a small lens with no flash underperforming its 2MP billing. There was also no space for a front-facing video camera.
  • Screen size was smaller than the V3x and also in lower resolution, again a concession to the design.
  • Relative to the first RAZR family of phones there was little innovations here, but there was a decent price premium attached to this phone.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

This is certainly a well-remembered model of phone, as in its day it was a premium model. As with many of the older Motorola flip phones there should be ample interest in this, and as such a healthy supported price.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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