Orange Vegas Review – Cheap Touchscreen Mobile Phone

Orange Vegas Review: Released in 2009, the Orange Vegas was an interesting release. At this time, the touchscreen phone was in the ascendancy, but price was a major barrier for users to acquire them. The Vegas bucked this trend by being Orange’s first budget full-touch mobile phone. This was a bold step forward as the phone was released at under £50 – at the time a remarkable price for a touchscreen handset.

Of course, there were some compromises to be had; and this was in no way comparable to the far better (and more expensive) iPhone handsets. The screen touch-type was resistive; this was seen in earlier models and was generally accepted to be less accurate and satisfying to use. To this end, a stylus is handily recessed in the rear cover of the phone. The phone also relied on a proprietary OS which was not as expandable as Android or Apple.

Despite this, the phone manfully tried to provide many other features, although it was strictly a mid-range handset. The phone featured a microSD card slot for movies and music, and also a WAP browser. It also came with many of the latest social networks pre-loaded into the app, meaning that its use could go a relatively long way.

The phone was made by ZTE and also could be seen as the Z760; this was an identical phone without any of the Orange branding.

Full specifications here.

This was a successful enough handset mainly because of the price. The limitations meant that many aspects could not stick. In 2011, a much improved Orange San Francisco came out which ran on Android and had a full multi-touch screen, although this was positioned a little more up-market.

Orange Vegas Review Pros:

  • The phone had a rather compact design, with a screen size of just 2.4 inches. It was also a light handset, coming in at 84g and also available in a range of colours.
  • Sensibly, a stylus was offered. This recessed into the back cover and was expandable; typing long texts would be very difficult without it.
  • Audio is well catered for with microSD card slots and Bluetooth audio support.
  • Price of the phone was the major selling point – almost unbeatable for the feature set at the time.

Orange Vegas Review Cons: 

  • Screen was at a relatively low 240 x 320 resolution for the size; it was also a resisitive touch handset which meant no multi-touch features as seen in the higher-end handsets.
  • Imaging was a let-down, with just a 1.3MP megapixel camera, low video resolution and no front-facing camera.
  • The proprietary operating system is fairly limited, particularly relative to the expandable ones such as Android and Apple.
  • Battery capacity was a low 670mAH, giving quite short standby and talk times.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

Resistive touch handsets are fairly fiddly to use by todays standard and the Vegas is no exception. Although many were sold in the day due to its cheap price it probably would be very difficult to achieve a good price for it now.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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