Samsung Z400 Review – Upgraded Classic Mobile Phone

Samsung Z400 Review: Released in 2006, the Samsung Z400 was an upgraded version of the Samsung D600 from the year before. The D600 was pretty much a culmination of the successes of the previous Samsung slider phones before it. It would come to dominate this category niche, and the D600 was a high-end, stylish phone which now added a microSD card support to a much better, larger screen.

The Samsung Z-series of phones was a previously little-used family of phones but had started to come in use as the older handsets got updated. Most of its models featured designs which were technologically superior but also heavily influenced by previous successes. It also was the home for more experimental, one-off designs, such as the Z710. Naming conventions went out of the window: earlier models such as the Samsung Z540 and Samsung Z550 were released before this phone and were based on different handsets.

No such risks were taken with the Z400. In fact, this was an extremely close design to the D600 and also was quite close to in specification. The key difference with this phone was the addition of a front-facing camera which now allowed for video-calls, allied to the 3G data capability.

Full specifications here.

The Z-series continued to live a nomadic existence, featuring all types of phone. The successor to the Z400 could be loosely described as the Samsung Z630, but this phone’s base model was the much thinner Samsung D900.

Samsung Z400 Review Pros:

  • The design of the phone kept the same successful formula as the Samsung D600 with a row of keys on the external face of the phone. The handset also came in silver colour, arguably a much better look for the handset.
  • 3G browsing opened up some intriguing new possibilities for the handset. The on-board software was strong, with office file and PDF handling.
  • A new tracking feature was on this phone, sending the phone numbers of new SIM cards to an older number.
  • Release price was lower than that of the Samsung D600 – perhaps representing a slight downgrade in the market.

Samsung Z400 Review Cons:

  • No update to the screen size – this was the same as seen in the Samsung D600. In a rapidly improving market, incremental improvements could be expected.
  • Whilst video calling was added, the rear camera suffered a surprising slight downgrade as the LED flash was removed.
  • The TV-out option also was removed for this phone, and there was a smaller amount of on-board memory meaning dependence on memory card.
  • Battery life was noticeably worse on this phone for outdoor users, thanks to the more power intensive 3G. There was a toggle mode to turn off 3G consumption to help manage this.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

Despite the similar design, this phone was quite distinguisable due to its silver colour. Not as common as either Samsung D500 or D600 models, the phone should attract a modest premium compared to the lower-end slider handsets.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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