LG GB220 Review – Basic Level Flip Mobile Phone

LG GB220 Review: Released in 2009, the LG GB220 was part of a new GB range of LG phones which targeted the bottom end of the market. These phones were nothing new, but sold in large numbers. And with LG quickly gaining a good reputation for solid design, this was certainly worth a go. And it was just not the flip phones that were targeted: low end candybar and slider phones also came out under the GB sub-brand. The main attraction of these was price.

By 2009, flip mobile phones had come into fashion, then come out of fashion as they were displaced by touchscreen phones. So phone manufacturers like LG would have a fairly good idea of what might work and what might not. Here the design is slightly reminiscent of an older Nokia 6170, with a squarer profile chosen instead of the rounded Samsung preference. The phone was also remarkably light, at 72g including battery.

The specification of the phone was rather modest; we can expect that due to the entry level. However, this phone’s useage was increased a little by the microSD card slot, which combined with the onboard MP3 player allowed a little more flexibility for users.

Full specifications here.

This was a crowded segment of the market, dominated by extremely low-cost phones. This would prove to be no deterrent for LG, as they kept on churning out phones in the GB family. Notably, these were not of the flip variety, with the candybar heavily preferred.

LG GB220 Review Pros:

  • This was a compact design which was pocket-friendly. At 72g including battery and at 1.4cm thick, this also was a slimline model which looked good. The inside keypad was very well laid out and a large central button made navigation easy.
  • Dual colour screens allowed information to be displayed on the outer screen without the need to open the flip.
  • The phone earned a step up from ultra-basic models with the addition of a camera: this shot pictures in 1.3MP resolution.
  • With an MP3 player on board and a microSD slot the phone could be used as a media player.

LG GB220 Review Cons:

  • Despite the two screens, they were of very small size. A 1.76 inch screen was smaller than many older phones and would limit the applications for items such as games.
  • Only 6MB of memory was given onboard, which meant a mandatory purchase of memory cards if you wished to take any more than a few photos.
  • Despite a memory card offering much more space, the camera would not record video and took photos only.
  • Bluetooth A2DP was not supported for audio, and no 3.5mm jack meant the headphone port was proprietary; not convenient for music lovers.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects: 

Anyone with even £20 to spend on a phone would have tonnes of choice, so these phones did not sell in large number. Hence, there are not that many in existence today. This may help its price at a later date.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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