Samsung U900 Review – Powerful Thin Slide Mobile Phone

Samsung U900 Review: Released in 2008, the Samsung U900 was another mobile in the ‘U’ series of Samsung mobile phones. Here, the U stood for Ultra. Debuting with the Samsung U600, this took the Samsung slide handset (something they had already achieved mass success in) but also combined this to a very thin housing – much like the Motorola RAZR series did earlier. This allowed a much lighter handset than previously, and with the rate of technological change, they were also better.

One thing common to many of these phones was that the ultra-slim design of the case often led to compromises in the specification of the phone. With spec being a major draw for customers, it was thus hard to get one of these phones to compete at the top end on spec. That changed with the Samsung U900 as this was a substantial upgrade on the Samsung U600 and U700 in all departments.

One of the more noticeable changes straightaway was the large touchpad used for navigation. This was actually a secondary OLED screen which could display information as well as used for navigation. -This set the phone apart from many of the numerous other Samsung slide phones out there and indeed was a feature that very few other phone manufacturers copied.

Full specifications here.

This was a success although the clock was ticking for all non-touchscreen mobile phones as by this time Apple and Android were making big moves in this space. There was not to be a high-end update to this model as pure touchscreen phones came to dominate the Samsung releases.

Samsung U900 Review Pros:

  • Build quality of the phone was excellent. A metallic design gave it a premium feel and weight. The phone also looked very smart in silver or the pink variants.
  • The most noticeable aspect was the oversized navigation screen; this could adapt depending on the functions needed. The touch interface worked very well.
  • The camera was sustantially improved; it was now a 5MP with flash and could now record at 320p. With on-board editing features this brought it on par with the better cameras in the market.
  • Additional business-friendly functions were added to the operating system such as office document support and e-mail functions.

Samsung U900 Review Cons: 

  • The display was a disappointment; the same size and resolution as the Samsung U700 although it now had 16M colours. Its reflective coating also made it harder to use in daylight.
  • Camera quality was not quite in the top-range as 8MP sensors were starting to appear on flagships.
  • Operating system was not as intuitive as others, in particular web browsing was fairly weak on this phone.
  • The phone lacked a Wi-Fi connection which appeared on the similar G810.

Current Pricing and Future Prospects:

An interesting model, although perhaps not as iconic as some of the earlier Samsung sliders. In time it’ll probably do quite well if the condition of the phone is good.

Where can I get one?

Both Ebay and Amazon have second-hand and refurbished models.

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