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Lending Works P2P Investment Review – A Real Experience (Updated February 2019)

By | 15th February 2019

SUMMARY: Lending Works is a relatively new player to the P2P-backed personal loans sector and looks to take on established players Ratesetter and Zopa. Combining good aspects from both platforms including a higher, fixed interest rate this seems to be a winner so far and has proved very popular with investors. Here is how Lending Works… Read More »

Vanguard Investor Asset Management Review – A Real Experience (February 2019)

By | 14th February 2019

Summary: The largest provider of mutual funds worldwide, there perhaps is perhaps not a safer counterparty to do business with when considering these types of funds. The service is demonstrably cheaper than many others, although returns can be volatile depending on the products you have chosen. The choice of products is also relatively small, although their… Read More »

Unbolted P2P Investor Review – A Real Investing Experience (Updated February 2019)

By | 6th February 2019

Summary: Unbolted offer investors a very welcome opportunity to diversify their investment into a different class of assets: jewelry and gold, and it seems that they are alone in specialising in offering this. Unfortunately loans sizes are smaller and as such demand exceeds supply here, and in balancing the system to be fair to everyone, investments… Read More »

Wisealpha P2P Investing Platform Review – A Real-Life Experience (Updated February, 2019)

By | 4th February 2019

Summary: Wisealpha offers something a little different from most other P2P platforms in that you invest in bonds of other companies, which theoretically give rise to less risk than owning the underlying equities. However, their cut of fees is relatively large for this type of product and it may be possible to approximate a similar investment… Read More »

Mintos P2P Lending Review – A Real Investors Experience (Updated January, 2019)

By | 28th January 2019

Summary: Since inception in 2015, the growth of Mintos has been superb, far outgrowing virtually every other platform and with well over 1 billion EUR facilitated (and closing in on 2 billion), does colossal volumes. It aggregates loans, which offers investors a huge choice in what and who they invest in, as well as different currencies,… Read More »

Moneyfarm Passive Investing Review – A Real Investor Experience (Updated Jan 2019)

By | 24th January 2019

Summary: With several companies offering passive investment services to general investors, Moneyfarm may make an interesting choice and alternative to P2P lending, not least because investments of up to £50,000 are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. However, it should be noted that previous results are not a guarantee of future performance and even conservative… Read More »

Property Partner Review – A Real Life P2P Investor Experience (Updated January 2019)

By | 16th January 2019

Summary: Property Partner offer a markedly different way to invest in property than many other P2P investment platforms as crowd-funded money actually purchases the properties and rents them out, thus exposing owners to the underlying asset price change. With a slowing in property prices anticipated this may not be such a good decision at the moment,… Read More »