Dods Group Shares Crash 40% on ‘Significantly’ Lower Profit Forecasts

By | 21st January 2019

London-based content and media services Dods (Group) Plc (LON:DODS) issued a rather bleak profit warning today, citing challenging macroeconomic pressures and reducing their profit forecasts, with the expectation of a loss before tax for FY19. Market reaction was fairly predictable, with the price down 40% in early trade: The share price has been gradually declining… Read More »

Carclo Share Price Plunges After ‘Significant’ Profit Downgrade

By | 11th January 2019

Plastic components manufacturer Carclo (LON:CAR) today suffered a share price fall of over 30% as it released a trading update warning that full year results would be significantly be below expectations. As in common with many small-caps issuing profit warnings, longer term investors are likely to be heavily disappointed. Some five years ago at its… Read More »

Footasylum Re-Iterates Profit Warning as Margins Reduced – Share Price Falls 20%

By | 8th January 2019

Beleaguered footwear specialist Footasylum (LON:FOOT) today re-iterated the profit warning it gave way back in September. We wrote about the profit warning back then, when it took off 50% the share price. Today’s fresh warning had a more muted effect: in initial trading down 25%, but the share price has recovered somewhat since then: One… Read More »

Plant Health Care to Issue New Equity on Fresh Profit Warning?

By | 21st December 2018

Agriculture specialist Plant Health Care (LON:PHC) today issued a new profit warning guiding profits materially below expectations despite bullish sounds over the past quarter regarding the development of its new patented-protected technology. Share prices reacted as expected, lopping off 30% the value of the company: This doesn’t reveal the full story. PHC has been a… Read More »