Regus Business Lounge Reviews

A page to collate my personal experiences of Regus Business Lounges across London. The reason for this is simple: such information doesn’t exist on the internet, and it would be damned useful if it did.

Why? Regus Business Lounges can be very useful places to work, and although the cost is not the incredible value that it once was, still offers a compelling proposition for those who don’t need a particular location. Their offices are located all over London, and typically costs less than a co-working space.

The trouble is that the quality of these lounges can vary tremendously. Some lounges are actually very nice spaces on their own, featuring free drinks, a kitchen, a variety of work-spaces. Others are literally a few chairs with side-tables attached packed into one room. Some are busy, to the extent that they have almost permanent businesses running out of them, hogging all the good spaces, yet some are fairly quiet.