Tracked profit warning prices can be seen in this table; click a company name to read analysis at that time.

Please note, this is not a trading system! I rarely purchase shares off the back of a warning, even the ones that are rated 5/5. This is because more research is usually required. Price at warnings are only approximate, and tend to be very volatile.

Shares highlighted in colours indicate that they are not trading any more, either by the company going private or being acquired, or in some cases, out of business. Those in green were at prices at a premium to the price at profit warning, those in red were those at a discount.

If you do use it as a system, I would recommend starting small and purchasing via somewhere such as Trading212 or Degiro which greatly reduces the transaction fees. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

My arbitrary point is to use the lowest price hit in the first hour of market open. It is clearly unrealistic to be able to always purchase shares at this low point. For a fairer comparison, a visual average of the first hours price is taken and also documented.

For inclusiveness, the date and Stockopedia Stockrank (SR) are also recorded.

Most warnings are captured but this is not a comprehensive list. Multiple warnings are ignored. Some also might not be present if I had skimmed through an update but overlooked something, as sometimes firms can warn on profits without referencing it as such.

Average return excludes dividends which may have been paid since, and any transaction fees/stamp duty on purchase.