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Moneything P2P Investor Real Results Review (Updated February 2019)

By | 3rd January 2019

Summary: Moneything is a site which purports to lend money to a variety of borrowers, as long as it is backed by assets. Originally, this produced several interesting loans which allowed investors to diversify their loans across different asset categories such as cars, jewelry or even mobile phones. In recent years the site has become property… Read More »

Assetz Capital P2P Review – A Real Lenders Perspective (Updated January 2019)

By | 2nd January 2019

Summary: Assetz is a real ‘one-size fits all’ platform, offering a variety of different investment products under a few different asset classes. It is one of the more established platforms, has a good track record and deal flow is good, allowing for diversification. On the downside, Assetz has not been immune from very poorly performing loans,… Read More »

Lendy/Saving Stream Review – An Investor’s Perspective (Updated February 2019)

By | 4th December 2018

Summary: At the moment, I would consider Lendy to be uninvestable in any of its products. The self-select product is blighted with problem loans, and a lack of new loans on the market means that the only options are to invest in tranches of existing loans or other loans on the secondary market, the rewards for… Read More »